Best Figma plugins for designers 2020

Figma is a most loved design tool for designers, Figma gives the flexibility to design amazing things, here I want to introduce some best Figma plugins for designers 2020, Figma plugins make works easy so you should try these amazing plugins for you projects value your time and go install these plugins because time is money !! If you know any other best plugin please comment.

Best Figma plugins for designers 2020

Best Figma plugins for designers 2020


Insert images directly from Unsplash in your design. The Unsplash license allows images to be used independently for both commercial and personal projects.

2. Find and replace

Search for texts on your page and change them like a text editor. You can search the objects of your page by the name of the text content or layer. Click the ... button next to each section to display more settings.

3.Mockuuups studio

Mockup Studio is a super-easy mockup generator with over 600 different views. Everything plugged in is packaged to make you product mockups, excellent marketing content, even visual content for social media or blog posts.

4. Mapmaker

Map Creator allows you to create a customized map faster.

It currently supports Google Maps and Mapbox.

5. Content reel

The design was designed more efficiently by dragging text strings, images, and icons from a palette. Content reel lets you create custom content and share it with other Figma users. Collaboration has never been easier!

6. FigMotion

FigMotion is an animation tool built right into Figma. This makes entry into animation easier and more convenient as there is no need to switch to completely different motion tools such as theory, haiku, or after-effects. Illustration turns off animation to make developers more manageable and at the same time, it is built with web technologies in mind.

7. LottieFiles

Gives high-quality gifs file for your project and you can also export it. It is an amazing plugin.

8. Get waves

Gate Waves is a free SVG wave generator to create unique SVG waves for its next design. Choose a curve, adjust complexity, randomize!

9. Lorem Ipsum

Fill dummy text in your project.

10. Iconify

Import Material Design Icons, FontAwesome, Jam Icons, EmojiOne, Twitter Emoji, and many other icons (more than 60 icon sets, more than 50,000 icon sets) in the Figma document as vector shapes.

11. WireFrame

The wireframe plugin is best for creating beautiful user flow prototypes and basic structures in Figma, so no other kits, files, or skills are required!

12. Color Palettes

With color palettes for figs, you can apply your favorite color code, palette number or name that you remember from the Color Palettes plugin and apply to your design and make it awesome.

13. Logo Creator

No need to go out and roam around in search of logo inspiration for your next awesome project on Figma, to find a logo or inspiration we met you in the figure here, Browse Logo Creator Plugin Prelink Collection Logo Plugin And select the best logo or craft using a different component.

14. Product Planner

The product planner makes the process more comfortable to begin with, product planning, product insights, identifying risks, setting goals and identifying and resolving problems. Use a prebuilt template relevant to your tasks.

15. Able

Add color contrast and color blindness to your workflow with as little effort as possible. Open ablé and we will automatically compare the comparison between the two layers you have selected. That way, you can keep Able open, and carelessly select layers to compare without having to re-run or update the plugin!

17. RemoveBg

Remove any background with a single click.


Create an isometric layer without setting.

19.Rename It

Keep Figma files organized.

20. Component Cloner

With Component Cloner, you can select the component instances you want to copy and will be assigned 
a new copy of their original master component.

21. Brands Colors

Fill beautiful color into your design with brand colors.

22. Image Tracer

When you run the image tracer; All the layers you have selected will be combined into one image (whether they are already vectors or not) - then change it to 'black and white' and try to trace it to a new vector layer. . .

23. Blobs

Create an organic blob shape with the click of a button. Each figure that is generated is unique to the last. You can control how unique the shape is and how many points it has.

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