Free video editing software for mac, Linux & windows | free video editing software

Free video editing software for mac, Linux & windows | free video editing software .For years, you needed access to expensive equipment and software to edit video. But now there are so many amazing free video editing software that anyone can use easily. Whether you use Mac , Windows or Linux , you won't have to spend hundreds of dollars on professional video-editing software.

If you want to learn how to do video editing, then you can start with the best software for video editing. We have reviewed some of the best software for you.

Free video editing software for mac, Linux & windows | free video editing software

1 . VSDC (For windows)

VSDC Free Video Editing software is a free video editing application developed by Flash-Integro, VSDC Free Video Editor is an excellent tool to easily edit your favourite videos. Since it is completely free software, you do not have to worry about trial period, payment or membership.

How to use VSDC Free Video Edit ?

Compared to Sony Vegas Pro and Filmora Video Editor, VSDC Free Video Editor comes with basic features. However, it still does a good job of editing to enhance your video. With this program, you can create a new project and specify various parameters, including the type of video. You can keep the project blank, add video, capture desktop screens, or import images.

When importing multimedia files into the program, you get the option to choose the transition type, which can be modified according to your preferences. Unlike other free video editors, this program allows you to rearrange selected files, adjust size and length, and change other parameters. This gives you more control over video editing.

Basic Video Editing Features

Cutting, splitting, merging, trimming, cropping, rotating, flipping, playing backward, changing volume.
Size, quality and resolution settings.
Video stabilization.
change of pace.
Text and subtitle entry.
Slideshow Wizard offers 70+ transition effects.
The DeLogo filter automatically hides unwanted elements in the video with a blurred or pixelated mask.
360 degree video to 2D video conversion.
3D video to 2D video conversion.
Instant Instagram-Like Filters.
Masking mode to help repair corrupted pieces of image or video.
Full-featured text editor for titles and text-related effects.
Embedded video converter supporting more than 20 formats.
Built-in screen recorder.
Built-in voice recorder.

Openshot is a Free Video Editing Software open source video editor for  Linux, MacOS and Windows. The project was started in August 2008 by Jonathan Thomas, which was intended to provide a stable, free and friendly to use video editor,Openshot support many audio, video and image formats.

Openshot Features :-

Cross-platform video editing software (Linux, Mac and Windows).
Support for many video, audio and image formats. Powerful curve-based key frame animation. Desktop Integration (drag and drop support). Unlimited tracks / layers. Title Template, Title Creation, Sub-Title. 3D animated title (and effects). Frame Accuracy (step through each frame of the video). Audio mixing and editing. Digital video effects, including brightness, gamma, hue, grayscale, chroma key (bluescreen / greenscreen), and many more!.

3. Shotcut (for windows, linux, mac)

Shotcut is free video editing software and open source a great video editor for home hobbyists who want as simple and highly customizable interface as possible. It supports most of formats, makes it easy to capture and use video from your computer with support for up to 4K resolution. In addition, users can enjoy audio features such as cross-fade, scope, filter, pitch compensation and audio mixing.

We also like the modular style of the interface, in addition to the ability to "dock" multiple panels directly so that you want to customize a particular editing task with just the right tools. This utility makes Shotcut ideal for experienced editors working on projects.

Features: -

Support for the latest audio and video formats for FFmpeg.
Supports most  image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WebP as well as image sequences.
No Import Required - Native Timeline Editing.
Frame-accurate demand for multiple formats.
Multi-format timeline: match and match the resolution and frame rate within a project.
Webcam capture.
Audio capture.
Support for 4K resolutions.
Color, text, noise and counter generator.
EDL (CMX3600 edit decision list) export.
Export a single frame as an image sequence as an image or video.
Video files with alpha channel - both read and write.

4.iMovie (for apple)

iMovie is a Free Video Editing Software developed by Apple Inc.It is bundled with the all-new Mac and shows some serious practicality for the everyday user. The latest version of the software allows you to import and edit videos clips for your projects.

In addition to video, images and audio the project area can be incorporated into your project by simply dragging your desired multimedia and arranging them in a timeline.

the option to create previews for apps you've developed, built-in green-screen effects, compatibility with ClassKit for educational projects, and even you add transitions to your video clips. 

Features: -

Work with multiple 4K video clips. Create effects like green screen, picture -, picture or partition screen and play them back immediately. Use the all new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro with trackpad support for additional levels of speed and accuracy during editing.
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