Why Google is free? What did you think Google is free or not?

Why Google is free ? What you think google is free or not ?
Why Google is free?

Google is an advertising company and its largest product is you, the user. The company controls about 90 percent of the search market in the UK, and nearly 96 percent of Google's revenue still comes from advertising.

Every day, this site returns 1 billion search results globally and offers billions of ads alongside it. The secret of success is in the scale of its operation.

The main product is a huge pool of users and they have comprehensive statistics about how they behave online. This data is used to match companies with potential customers who offer ads that users want to click on.

Your online habits from YouTube, Search, and Gmail are all used to profile your behavior. At the top of it, Google follows your surfing habits through your Analytics and Adsense code, which is embedded on web pages to track your interests outside of search.

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Targeted advertising

Thanks to the search engine's advanced algorithm, companies use Google AdWords to display their results for a specific audience. AdWords is a per click service, so if you do not click on a link, Google does not make money directly from your search.

The Adwords Company brings about 70 percent of the advertising revenue. In 2011, top sector ads were finance, insurance, retail and travel, and the most expensive search terms were insurance, loans, and mortgages.

Google's AdSense allows advertisers to connect to its network and display advertisements on their websites. A large number of news websites use this service in the UK, so when you log on to scan headlines, Google earns money and gets more information about your browsing habits. Display advertising is usually taken at the cost per impression per page because large amounts of online traffic ads are often sold cheaply at the cost of per thousand impressions. must read: Do you need a top best smartphones under 5000?

Why Google is free? What you think Google is free or not?

Trusted brand

But Google is not just a search business. It provides various service like google maps, cloud computing and documents, email services and a social network. It is expensive to run these services, but help attract more users, build trustworthy brands, and collect more important data about users.

Google is expected to make $ 3.6bn from YouTube this year because the traffic continues to grow and more pre-roll video ads are displayed. But the company is also sharing money with users who are posting popular videos in six-figure payments. YouTube has also entered the direct competition with a movie "rental" site.

The company dominates the mobile market, giving free licenses to its Android operating system, but is making a big profit from the enterprise through the percentage of sales of search traffic, display ads and the sale of each play store.

Collecting user data

Google's browser chrome has a 30 percent market share, allowing the company to produce search queries without sharing revenue, as is the case with Firefox and Safari. Chrome provides valuable data about browsing habits for the company, and it has been described as an "exceptionally profitable" product.

All these data collections have troubled some customers. But with the dominance of Google's web, it may be difficult to avoid the reach of the company. Google even collects information using Chrome and mobile devices in the exact location of users.

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