Did You know? What Is Deep Web or Dark Web?

The internet probably has a lot more space than you think. You know about Facebook, Google, BBC iPlayer and Amazon, but do you really know what is hidden behind those user-friendly and respectable websites?

Did You know? What Is Deep Web or Dark Web?
Did You know? What Is Deep Web or Dark Web?

It's a small corner of the Internet, and the Dark Web and Deep Web Loom are in very shady corners. You can access them using Tor, but should you also go to the Dark Web or Deep Web?

Let's make a tour to help build your mind.

What is the Dark Web?

Dark Web is a word that specifically refers to the collection of websites that are present on an encrypted network and can be viewed using traditional search engines or using traditional browsers.Almost all sites on the so-called Dark Web hide their identity using Tor encryption tools. You can learn Tor for your ability to hide your identity and activity. You can use Tor to spoil your place, it seems that you are in a different country where you are actually located, making it like using a VPN service.

When a website runs through Tor, it has a lot of impacts.

Actually, it multiplies the effect. To access a site on the Dark Web using Dark Encryption, the web user needs to use Tor. As soon as the end user's IP address appears on any other IP address on Tor Network via multiple layers of encryption, the same is the website.

Before using the Tor browser go to the website on the open Internet for both parties, more layers of magnitude are more confidential than the secret work already.
Thus, sites on the Dark Web can be seen by anyone, but who is behind the site is very difficult to do. And if you slip and your identity is discovered then it can be dangerous.

Why would I use the Dark Web?

All dark websites do not use Tor. Some use similar services like IE2P, for example, Silk Road Reloaded. But the principle remains the same. Visitors have to use the same encryption tool as the site and - importantly - to find the site where to type the URL and travel.

Notorious examples of dark websites include Silk Road and its children. Silk Road (and probably still) had a website for the purchase and sale of recreational drugs, and there were a lot of scary things besides this. But there are also legitimate uses for the Dark Web. (See also: Is it legal to buy online medicines?)

Closed people who operate within the VC communities can use the Dark Web to communicate with the outside world. And with recent revelations about US and UK government leaning on web usage, you feel it is wise to get your communication on the Dark Web.

The Dark Web hit the headlines after August 2015 (and several times) when it was reported that 10 GB data was stolen from Ashley Madison, which was designed to enable the bored husband to cheat on his partner. The site was inserted on the Dark Web.

Hackers stole data and threatened to upload it to the web when the site was not closed, and in the end, they worked on that threat. Now Ashley Madison users have received blackmail letters to the spouse that they pay $ 2,500 in bitcoin or disclose infidelity.

In March 2015, the UK government launched a dedicated cybercrime unit to deal with the Dark Web with a special focus on cracking serious offenses and child pornography.

What is Deep Web?

The deep web, sometimes called the invisible web, is a large part of the Internet that is not accessible to traditional search engines,
Although all these conditions are used for each other, they do not see the exact same thing. An element of nuances is essential. 'Deep Web' refers to all the web pages that search engines can not find.

Thus 'Deep Web' includes 'Dark Web', but it also includes all user databases, webmail pages, registration-required web forums, and pages. There are a large number of such pages and are present for the most popular reasons.

We have a 'staging' version of all our websites that are blocked by the search engine being indexed so we can examine the stories before setting them live. Thus for every page available publicly on this website (and literally millions), a Deep web is the second on the web.

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